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Bridge the gap between management and staff through process driven tasks and activities.

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An all-round digital operations and workforce management solution which is highly customizable to suit your business needs.

Dataflow centralizes all your information and allows you to set a precedent for operational standards by measuring performance and efficiency for which you can receive accurate reporting on what matters to you – in a manner that suits your business and schedule.

Simply login to get a live in-depth impression of current operations or get reports emailed to you on the fly whether its hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Dataflow is your centralized source for operational information – cutting out paper trails, reporting on incidents and fostering accountability in your organization. Monitor employee movements and calls with GPS live tracking and access records 24/7 from anywhere in the world on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Our highly customizable and interactive checklists provide insight into daily operations direct from the people on the ground – meaning you will overlook less and gain more.

Whether its management, sales or cleaning staff – Dataflow enables you to endorse loss control and technologically advance your service and operations across the board. Head office can sit in one province and see what is going on within their stores anywhere in the country with Dataflows built in Gallery module that stores all photos and videos collected from the interactive checklists taking up no space as it is all saved in the cloud.

Automatic escalations, flagging of questions and scoring of answers make identifying trends and worrying problems in your business effortless and all without the use of a single piece of paper.

Store and keep documents on hand for staff with easy access to policies, product specs, warranties and announcements to be made available.

Dataflow is the ultimate Digital operations and workforce management tool for you and your organisation!

Dataflow has enabled organisations to strive for efficiency

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